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Noam Helfer

Experience Designer / Curator / Entrepreneur / Soundtrack Designer /

Singer / Producer 


In the past 20 years I haven't stopped researching, changing, expanding and going deeper and deeper.

I perform around the world, design soundtracks and lead the Multi-Disciplinary arts project: 



Helfer - Photo by Katerina Elior.jpg

I produce my own music
under the Monikeres :

and "Age is a Box".

I produce Multi-Disciplinary art events that combine:

Music/ Dance / Video Arts

/ Culinary /Circus

and all other art forms

Photo by Ariel Efron.jpg

In my recording studio in Tel Aviv,

I work with artists that excite me

Vertigo / Sharon Friedman / Fresco / Yoram Karmi / Jennifer Cohen /

Lior Tavori / Anat Grigorio /Daniell Elnuma / AniMoshe /  / Shlomit Fundaminsky / Nadar Rosano /

and many more

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